Sunday, May 4, 2014


My masterpiece so far has been a big help in starting something new. With the knowledge I gained from at first learning how to manage my time has been better then I thought. Now when it comes to the dancing part, it helped me realize something about it. I'm not ready to give it up yet, before starting this masterpiece I was about ready to stop completely with it because I thought it would turn out to be a waste of my time. As it turns out I really still love the rush I get from doing it, and the feeling of knowing I have something to turn to when I want to escape reality for some time. Same goes for exercise, I know these two go hand and hand and because of that I found it easier to keep both of them in my life. I'm not losing touch just yet, and am continuing down a road I know I won't regret going to. I love being able able to do things the grand majority of people can't do, its what I want and what I can make time for. The hip hop movement lives on in me and every other underground talent out there.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In order to really hack something you have to know what it is you're trying to hack. To hack your environment around you you have to surround yourself with things that would really interest you. For example people with the same/similar interests, objects drawings, or posters around you that include something that catches you eye or motivates you or something along those lines, and finally you need to be able to stand up and actually take those steps. You can't hack anything just sitting down. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


During my break I've taken time every now and then to take some steps in creating my masterpiece. 
1. Introductions, I've made contact with other people in the dancing community that I didn't know before. 
2. Preform, I've learned that to show my passion I've had to get me and my crew out there more. So there will be yet another performance for us this coming Saturday. 
3. LEARN. This was an important step, I now know what I need to do, learn something new and show my progress. 
4. Go alone once in a while, during my days off I did go to several places. Which include my future college CSU Los Angeles, and I decided to freestyle out there randomly. I need to get myself out there even if I get nothing out of it. 
5. New people! In trying to get new people to follow my blog I've had to contact others to try and get them to follow. Have not checked to see if I have any new ones yet but hopefully I will. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Now at first this article confused me, it wasn’t until the second time around that I actually got the idea of what it was trying to say. Parental involvement is a bad thing when it is done too much, and also if it is done too little. Both seem to affect the child in a bad way and again parents have to decide just how much to be involved with the child when it comes to their schooling. Children seem to do well under different conditions, which is why I think parents should not step in unless they’re absolutely needed. Based on their findings here it seems that most of the ethnic groups did better when there was almost no parental help at all. However, there are still some that did worse because there was no involvement. For this reason I say that this article is full of it, yes if parents are too involved the child will grow dependent on them but they are still needed. What I got out of this article is that they think no parental involvement is better for the kids, that they should learn on their own so they grow more dependent on themselves instead of their parents. I think that’s terrible, kids should learn a majority on their own but still everyone needs help at some point and need others to help them out. This is why I think helping children when they absolutely need it is a more effective way of having them learn than just letting them struggle through it. Children will learn by themselves and also get the help they absolutely need, being treated a little more like a person instead of something that is unable to act on its own or some kind of machine that should learn on its own. We have to treat them like they’re humans and help them when they need it. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


            Should and Must are two roads that stand in everyone’s way, they have never been the same they have only been choices. These two crossroads have their own benefits and downsides, and each aren’t exactly a paradise once the choice is made. Should is more of a suggestion from others as to how we are to behave or what we are suppose to do with our lives but that isn’t always what we want. Must on the other hand are things that are unavoidable to us and things that are completely necessary for us to do. Either way it appears as if we don’t really have our own choice in this, I know I really don’t all I can do is somewhat bend my choices into the direction I would prefer.
            Here’s where I’m at, I am currently doing all the necessary things I need to do in order to graduate and head off into college with my head up high This is why I am on the Must side of everything, I am doing the things I have to do while somewhat leading it on the college route. However I am going to college because it is what I am always being suggested to do by literally everyone, they tell me go to college, get a career, make something of your life, and I just sit there and say alright I’ll go. It isn’t because I want to, it’s because it’s what I should do to help me in life. I guess you can say that I am doing this because I Must, but it was also suggested by everyone that’s talked to me about it so it is also a Should. Overall I still think I am taking the Must route over everything else.

            I have chosen the Must route because the work I’m currently doing, the scholarships I’m finding, the jobs I’m looking for, all of this is because I HAVE to do it. I don’t have a choice here, I need to do all of this in order to continue on my route. I am a Must traveler. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


It's about time I put all this talk about dance into action. Time for some of the dancers at Righetti reveal themselves once again and show everyone what they've got. They all deserve their spotlight, and indeed they will get it. This Friday 4/11/14 RHS House of Warriors will be preforming one last time this year and believe me we are ready to get the crowd going once again. Dr. Preston I definitely want you to be there, part of the masterpiece is showing our unique abilities, well here's the chance to see mine in action.